hi i'm dummy and this is my art/doodle blog ( ´ - ` )
hi im sick and i don’t want to do school work so i doodled a tiny otaku boy who rides a bicycle
hello i think your art is very moe and cute and fluffy and cute. did i forget to mention cute tho?? wow

ahh sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much!!
uh wow actually i’ve been kind of loving your adorable art for quite a long while so ahaha i’m happy ;o;

moemoosey asked:
hi! I was wondering if you did commissions? more specifically bookmarks?

hello! sorry, but i don’t do commissions atm due to school and whatnot. also bookmarks…maybe if i become more knowledgeable about certain designs on things, then sure! maybe!

thanks for asking!!!  

happy 3/9 
favorite poké
a swadloon i found in my sketch folder
aaaaa I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A TUMBLR I've been in love with your style since I saw your fanart on candybooru ;v;

well now you know!! aha oh jeez thank you ;;;;

i wonder if 2014 will give me more anime boyfriends to cry about
merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, happy kfc day, and a happy birthday to levi heichou
on winter break rn so i’m back with my cats