hi i'm dummy and this is my art/doodle blog ( ´ - ` )
megane protag
did this for a friend for a thing they were doing, but i was late at finishing it;;;
i recently watched rebellion and it just made me ship these two a lot more 
the fluffiest poké
birth flower of May : lily of the valley
testing out some stuff by doodling / - \
it’s hard to draw these days because of the heat / - \also happy 7/11 aka free slurpee day!!
late late bday present for my friend nyamcattt!!!!
i swear this is going to be the last time that i’ll be posting something related to a digital diva///i just need to get back into the mood of drawing..
hi im sick and i don’t want to do school work so i doodled a tiny otaku boy who rides a bicycle